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Felt Trivets

It's so nice keeping your important items on our soft, thick and durable wool felt trivets. Made from thick, soft and durable 100% merino wool felt. Available in 18 rich, curated colors.
felt plant matplant pot on a pad
Round 6-inch Felt Pad Sale price$9.00 USD
felt trivetRound 8-inch Felt Pad
Round 8-inch Felt Pad Sale price$15.00 USD
Round 10-inch Felt PadRound 10-inch Felt Pad
Round 10-inch Felt Pad Sale priceFrom $19.00 USD
iphone matRectangle 5x8-inch Felt Pad
Rectangle 5x8-inch Felt Pad Sale price$9.00 USD
Rectangle 5.5x12-inch Felt PadRectangle 5.5x12-inch Felt Pad
Rectangle 5.5x12-inch Felt Pad Sale price$15.00 USD
Rectangle 7x13-inch Felt PadRectangle 7x13-inch Felt Pad
Rectangle 7x13-inch Felt Pad Sale price$19.00 USD